»Personal Union - supporting you to optimize your business strategy.«
Marketing strategy

Being first off the mark is not the trick – going in the right direction is.

Personal Union will help you to optimize your marketing strategy and develop your concepts and analyses so that your implementation is both project-oriented and specific.

We work with your organization in the creation of an overall strategy, the definition of target groups, and the actual promotion and implementation - where we monitor the quality of execution.

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Market analysis

Due to our comprehensive knowledge of developments and trends in the market place we make it possible for you to optimize your strategy effectively.

Personal Union collects sales and service-related data in order to understand the market situation and to give you information on your market position in relation to your competitors. You can thus assess the relationship between the services you offer and those of your competitors and rapidly adjust your strategy to changing market conditions.

We will work with you to define the nature and scope of the data you need for your business.

In collaboration with external associates, leading market research and business research institutes, we evaluate business opportunities and define the basics for a targeted customer approach.

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